Full screen - SPLIT view Automatic?


Is there any application that can automate opening up two other apps into FULL SCREEN / Split view and move the split to a specific width?

I’m not interested in the many apps that can manage standard windows, like mosaic, divvy, etc etc.
I want something to specifically open up just two apps into Full screen with split.

I’ve tried to do this with Keyboard Maestro but could never get it to work.
I’ve googled and found nothing.

Is this just not possible for an app to do?
(Mojave user)


Opening a single app in full screen is possible for apps like Keyboard Maestro. I also haven’t found anything for split screen though and would love to have it. The only thing that might be possible from what I’ve seen would be to have Keyboard Maestro automatically click the mouse buttons to choose which side of the screen the app goes on. This just seems so kludgy to me though so I haven’t experimented with it.

You’d likely need to hide all windows, bring up the 2 windows of interest in the proper locations, click the mouse buttons (with appropriate pauses) to select the left side, then move over to the right side of the screen and select the right side. Feasible but hacky.

If anyone has a better solution, I’d love to hear it. Just goes to show that Apple has some big room for improvements in the window management area. I’d love for example to be able to layout 4 windows in a single full screen window and be able ot manipulate a single slider to resize them as needed.