Full size HomePod being discontinued

I am kind of sad. I really like the two I have as a stereo pair. At $300 they were too much, but I found them to be worth it for $200, which you can usually find them at. The Mini’s don’t sound anywhere near as good.


I’m guessing we’ll see some new iteration of this eventually. Makes no sense to keep the mini only and continue to call it a mini.

I have one of the big ones and two of the small ones. Sound quality is not in the same league on the smaller ones and I am not even remotely close to being any kind of audio snob. The market for a better sounding device is there, I just don’t think it’s very large at the $300 price point when the only functionality is as a Siri enabled speaker.

That’s too bad.
I do think the mini sounds as good as the full size. It is true the mini doesn’t have the same range, but the sound quality is the same.

Say more about this before I panic-buy some HomePods to complement the minis I already have? :cold_sweat:

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Stereo HomePods sound great. If you use Apple Music, it’s worth jumping on them before they go.

My Mini’s are ok for music, but they don’t really compare.

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Right; It’s the bass that’s stellar to me on the original HomePod. Music I’ve been listening to for 50 years has the bass line picked out really nicely.

I just hope that the original HomePod isn’t left In the dust, softwarewise, any more than is necessitated by the hardware.


Sad about this. I love mine (despite Siri’s utter stupidity); it sounds fantastic even compared to my monitors. I like my Minis too but they really can’t compare.

I just wish they’d concentrate on getting Siri to evolve. I have homepods mini in the house, and they sound fine for what I use them for. If I want to listen to music I actually prefer my sonos

What really bugs me about the homepod in general is:

  1. Siri is not available in my language on the homepod
  2. Siri still is worthless

I’m really not a fan of the Google assistant, or the A lady, but at least they seem marginally functional.
Siri in my own language or English just does not function as it should, but maybe my expectations are too high.

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One advantage that the full size HomePod has over the HomePod mini is that it has more drivers and can move more air and get louder than the Mini. This is important when the room is large or has ambient noise in it. The Mini just can’t fill a large space with enough sound due to its small size.

We have an 500 square foot outbuilding that my wife uses as her art studio. It’s a big space with high vaulted ceilings, and there’s no way a Mini would be able to fill that space with adequate volume so one can hear over the running equipment. I’m either going to get another full size or move one of our less-used full sized models into that space.


I use my full-size HomePod pair regularly. Too bad they are being discontinued.

I own two of them. They’re really great. Its sad to see that Apple is discontinuing them. I guess that makes them more valuable though! :smirk:

I can’t say I am surprised at this. The only people I know that purchased the original HomePod were Apple enthusiasts. IMO, Apple charged too much for them, didn’t see the sales they expected, and lost interest early on.

Mine sounds great, but HP Siri was never up to the job. Too bad.

I only ever saw one HomePod outside of my house. During Thanksgiving in 2019, I was visiting a relative’s house. They had a HomePod in the front hallway.

Regardless, the HomePod only captured about 9% of the market I believe.

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I have two Home Pods at home and two minis at the office. When I heard this news I contemplated buying another one or two Home Pods but after thinking about it I realized I don’t really need them. I think I’ll save the $300-600. :slight_smile:

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Pairing these up makes a great listening experience. I suppose their idea is for the higher-end audio let some other manufacturer make them and air-play to it? Odd decision for a company that likes to tout how music is in their DNA. I guess everyone who was going to buy one probably already has.

I don’t have any of the mini’s. Can they really deliver the sound of Saint-Sean’s Organ Symphony, or am I going to have to look elsewhere?

Maybe to justify the price they should have talked about “oxygen-free copper wires” and “the sound stage” and how the silicone pad on the bottom eliminates resonance, and all the other hokum that audiophile sites speak of.

I like them. I have five, and two minis. They’re worth the price of a couple of “audiophile” USB cables to not have to fiddle around with a receiver, speakers, wiring, etc. to have whole-house, or two-room, or one-room audio. Just tell Siri to play whatever you can think of, and she usually has it on file.


No they can’t, look elsewhere. I mean they are fine for music, but I wouldn’t buy them for music. They are great for podcasts though. Mine are mostly for background music, Dark Noise, and podcasts.

I have a stereo pair of Minis in my bedroom, because the bass was too much from the full size HP. With a pair, they get loud enough to fill the room, but they sound kind of flat. No real bass to speak of.

What. The heck. Is this cable. :exploding_head:

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I apologize for derailing the thread, but I think we can all enjoy some good tech humor: some reviews are just hilarious.


HomePods aside (maxi or mini), what would be good recommended alternatives today in the market?