Full size HomePod being discontinued

The last time I was a party to a class action lawsuit I received $1.62. I kept it as a souvenir along with my $0.97 income tax refund. :grinning:


Wow, in this post we’ve gone from sadness over an announcement of discontinuation to anger and a class action suit!


I’m not angry, this sort of thing happens. but it’s immoral if a product has an underlying problem that the company responsible doesn’t look after it’s customers.

I probably should have said disappointment rather than anger. Disappointment seems to be the feeling expressed by many in this post.

Marco Arment thinks his full sized HomePods are broken and no longer uses them. I don’t think mine are broken because the Mini’s I have aren’t a whole lot better (but they are a bit more reliable). I think the last software update was just a giant step backwards.

I have all sorts of problems, they don’t hear me half the time. When they do hear me (they light up) they will often not do anything, as if they didn’t hear me ask anything beyond “Hey Siri.” On HomeKit requests I often get “X device isn’t responding” or “This is taking longer than expected.” Then I make the same request on my phone and everything is fine. When streaming from an iOS device, they will sometimes play, but don’t reflect that they are playing anything (+/- doesn’t show up or work) so I can only control the stream with my iOS device. I could go on an on, I barely use them currently because it’s just too much of a hassle.

Before the last update, they weren’t perfect, but they were far better than this.

A side note, I don’t get the popping in the big HomePods anymore. The sound that everyone seemed to be saying it makes that means your HP is dying.

Is this just me or are others seeing it?

Your description of Siri on HomePods is spot on. Both my original and mini have the same problems and while they do play music, etc. I no longer attempt to use Siri on anything except my iPhone. At least on the phone Siri works on the first try about 2/3 of the time.

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I’d had my popping one unplugged. Just turned it on, let it update and re-find stereo, and tested a variety of music and AirPlay video, and don’t hear it anymore. Nice! :slight_smile:

Yours was popping that often? One of mine was popping about once a week. Even when not in the use, which would scare the hell out of me and my cats. I can’t remember the last time it did that. Knock on wood. :wood:

Yes, maybe every few minutes at the time I unplugged it.