Fun with keyboard

Well, I have now fallen prey to the Apple laptop keyboard curse.

My roughly 1 year old MacBookAir (2018 edition) started repeating keys. Took it in to the Apple Store for keyboard replacement which I was told would take 3-5 business days.

Then I got a call after 4 days saying that when they did the final hardware check after replacing the keyboard, the “audio/microphone board” did not check out, so they are replacing that. (I wonder if that is something that can break during the repair, as it had checked out in the pre-repair hardware test?)

Now it appears they are waiting for this component to be sent from Apple as no other local stores have one available, and there is no estimate on when I will have my MBA back after over a week of waiting.

Frustrating, to say the least. I would have though stock on repair parts was more readily available, but apparently that is not the case.

I am making do with my iPad when not at home where at least I have my iMacPro, but there are some things I just cannot do on the iPad, and there is a lot of software on the Air that is not on the iMacPro (which is kept relatively minimal in installed software intentionally as it is my main photography workstation).

It does impress me how much of my daily work has become dependent on these tools.

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Frankly this keyboard and the obsession with ‘slim and light’ when the MacBook Pro was thin, elegant and light enough as it was, is a black eye for Apple. It really is. I am going to replace my macbook Pro mid 2014 when it finally gives up with an iMac though for sure now. In fairness I am sticking with Apple of course. I really hope they fix the keyboard and abandon the strategy that led them to it as well.

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Yup iMac for stationary use. iPad for mobile.
Unless you have some specific need to have a desktop OS on the road you are much better off with the mobile platform.

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Yeah you helped push me in that direction by the way before: thanks it has served me well. I was on the point of an Airbook, it would have been a mistake for the reasons you give. Had the MacBook Pro been as good as the one I have, mid 2014, I would have considered it: as it is, no.