Fusion Drive crashed in 5K iMac

I’ve been listening to Mac Power Users for several months now and wish now that when I had purchased my beautiful 5K iMac that I would have only gone with SSD storage. But I wanted a massive hard drive to hold all of my pictures. Since then with iCloud storage and other changes I think I could reduce my HD size a bit. Then my iMac all of a sudden won’t boot up to the hard drive. It acts like the spinning drive portion is not there. Admittedly I have not fully troubleshot this situation yet, but I am thinking more and more about having the Fusion Drive removed and just going to SSD storage. I don’t know that I can do this myself. Any advice on a good shop or person to do this upgrade for me?

Sure sounds like a dead hard drive to me. I’ve done this job a bunch, and while it’s not a nightmare, for a first-timer, I recommend finding someone reputable to do it.

Look around to see if there’s an Apple Service Provider in your area. They often will take on these types of jobs. The Apple Store won’t do this sort of upgrade, and anyway, going all-SSD is totally awesome.



Thanks! I appreciate the reply and the show. I’ve been listening for a few months and learned a lot (and have been entertained!).

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