Future of Force to Touch [Magic Trackpad]

Hi all!
Since I get paranoid when I think about loved features being dropped in my Apple ecosystem I want to give a tribute to my external keyboard and magic trackpad setup.

I LOVE MY MAGIC (!!!)TRACKPAD. And I love the Force to Touch (!), since I have more possibilities setting up different Commands with the Better Touch Tool (BTT) Mouse tool. I have a wide range of killer features (like imitating a middle click, opening links in tabs in safari in the backgroud, closing tabs => all programmed with BTTs trackpad options. ITS A BLISS! An i wouldnt touch my mac without it!

Also I love the Bullettrain Keyboard Express Keyboard Platform for the Apple Magic Keyboard and The Magic Trackpad. (eXpress Keyboard Platform - BulletTrain)
That keyboard tray has been a game changer for me as I come from the Macbook Pro with the trackpad being UNDER the Keyboard. I have many years of muscle memory and IT JUST makes sense in this, since ALL Laptops I know have their Trackpad UNDER the Keyboard – even Apples iPad Keyboard has its trackpad under the keyboard. Its much more convenient in this way.
So why does apple not have its trackpad under the Keyboard on the Mac than ?! Why?! Its sos frustating.

Neverthelesse on to my question: Do you think that Apple Magic Trackpad and Force to Touch will survive in the long term? I love those too and dont wanna live without it. Thanks!

I absolutely believe the Magic Trackpad will survive, just like the Magic Mouse, as the new iMacs have proven. These are not going away soon.
Force Touch… I wouldn’t be so sure now that it’s gone from iOS and watchOS. Apple likes having parity. But then again the Mac is a different beast, so who knows.
I would hope BetterTouchTool still gives access to Force Touch even if it’s removed from macOS. After all, you can do a dozen gestures on a Magic Mouse, revealing more touch surfaces than the OS itself ever lets on.

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It better survive. I really dislike mice on Macs. The acceleration curve is really weird compared to Windows and it drives me nuts. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didnt touch any computer mouse for 10 years… Trackpadlife only…

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Yes I also doubt about force to touch on the trackpad from time to time. Hope they come up with something more clever.

I like force touch … when I remember it exists. When I first heard about it, I thought it was insane; when I tried it, I realized it was useful.

Still, it isn’t really “discoverable” — you pretty much have to know it exists and randomly try it at different times. And if it doesn’t work, especially when you first start using it, it’s hard to know if it doesn’t apply in that context, or if you just did it wrong.

So I get why they might drop it.

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Yes. I use forece to touch so often. (TWo finger force click opens the app expose for me. (achirveed through BTT). lets see…