G Suite User Accounts

Hi Hive Mind!

I work with a Scout Group here in little old England, and we have joined the 21st century. With Google’s kind offering of free google accounts for non-profits, we are now all in on the system.

For a variety of reasons, I need to make accounts for some Under 18’s to sit within the ecosystem. With child protection laws what they are and with the ever-present need to safeguard these individuals I am looking for someone who has done this that may be able to offer some advice. What settings might I have missed? What services need to be off, or probably more accurately what services need to be on because I’ve taken the draconian approach of turn it all off!

All advice greatly received, and all liability remains with my and the group should anything get overlooked.

Massive thanks!

Please be very careful around Data Protection, GDPR (therefore the Data Protection Act 2018) have some specific stipulations around data regarding Children. Now as a not for profit this don’t necessarily apply, but I’d read up and apply best practice if I were you.

Our GDPR policy has been updated by our legal assistant to reflect the necessary changes for the young people, essentially there is no data collection, all of the options are turned off for user data collection for all of the young people accounts.

So GDPR wise I’m not worried. Thanks

Does the scouts organization have best practices on this? Could you also edit your subject to reflect the question about under 18’s? Thanks.