Gamify Daughter's B-day w/ AR or Location Data Apps

My daughter is turning 7 years old :birthday: soon and I was hoping to gamify her finding her presents by leaving augmented reality clues in the house or yard and/or using location data somehow to create a personal Geocache-style scavenger hunt. She would be using a new 2021 ipad mini (gen 6) for the hunt.

I don’t have much experience with either of these technologies and was wondering if any of you have used apps/software to create your own AR objects (or messages) or create a findable geo-located object or image?

Due to COVID numbers in our area, it will be another year with a “no friends” birthday :cry: and I want to make things a little more exciting for her. I used paper clues and analog puzzles last year so thought it would be fun to switch it up and add some tech this year.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, thanks!!


Too many sheeps to the wind right now to work on this but it sound like a really cool thing to do. How long until the big day?

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Looks like landscape and interior design are about the only options, which is surprising.

If AR doesn’t work out, you could hide QR Codes in the yard that could be part of an adventure, or mystery for her to solve.
The QR Codes could take her to images you put online (e.g., small webpages you create, etc.

I don’t know anything about this site, but there are tons of QR Code generator sites.

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Hi @OogieM her b-day is Tue., (Xmas used up my bandwidth until now), so, quick turnaround but thanks!

@JohnAtl QR code → image is a clever low-barrier way to do some fun stuff, great idea, thank you!!

I’ll likely combine w/ analog stuff like a decoder ring and riddles etc…, the tech angle will feel fresh, even if it isn’t super flashy :slight_smile:

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I know geocaching were experimenting with AR based caches as well, as I found a couple. I believe these were created with World Brush.

Wouldn’t work with the iPad, as it doesn’t have the NFC reader, but I’ve also created a couple of geocaches with NFC’s as well.