Gary Vee and Stoicism?

I’m sure there are a lot of Gary Vee critics here - count me as one of them. His hustle philosophy has lead to a lot of over workers and is anathema to the idea of Focused that life is about more than cranking widgets. That’s why I almost skipped this daily stoic episode with him, but I’m glad I didn’t. It was really interesting to hear Ryan Holiday explore stoicism with him and his new book with talks about principles to work by instead of hustling. I know he’s an imperfect messenger, but I still learned a few things in this discussion. Gary Vaynerchuk on Stoicism, Soft Skills, and Becoming Your Best Self - YouTube

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If you’re interested in Stoicism, you should let S.B.R.E. Brown walk you through a reading of Epictetus’ Encheiridion.


Thanks. I definitely watch that. I just received Ryan Holiday’s books to start reading.

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Somehow, I didn’t know much about Gary until a few weeks ago when I started seeing his posts pop up on Instagram, and then his guest appearance on The Daily Stoic hit my feed.

I listened to the interview and enjoyed it. Gary has a lot of energy and passion, and I found elements of what he said to be valuable and resonant.

I’m a big fan of Ryan and his approach to stoicism and his various projects, including his Daily Dad email that he does. Also have a copy of The Daily Stoic that I read regularly before bed.

@KirkS , I’ll happily check the video out. Thanks for sharing!

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