Gave old iPhone to my daughter and it’s not working

I just got a new iPhone 2 days ago. I gave my old one to my daughter, made her , her own Apple ID using a gmail email address. I put it in the phone and she can download apps but it says can’t activate her Apple ID so she can’t text or call family members on wifi. She is part of my family sharing. I called Apple before they couldn’t figure it out. Supposedly they escalated it and the next tech will call me tonight. Does anyone have any ideas? The Apple ID was made last night, so it’s all pretty new.

Did you try taking the SIM card out?

How can she download apps without an AppleID? Did she possibly mean she can’t activate iMessage?

Yes we took the sim out, Apple said to. And can’t activate iMessage or FaceTime. I miss spoke .

It’s finally working now. Talked to an Apple tech , she double checked everything and it’s working now. She was shocked also it took almost 24 hours to activate.

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Glad to hear it. Most of the time it takes only a few minutes to activate iMessage but I’ve run into cases that took as long as 72 hours. Dunno why :man_shrugging: