Getting email plus attachments into Devonthink to go

What is the best way to get an email plus the attachments into DTTG using iOS only?

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What mail app do you use?

Mostly spark. But I have pretty much all of them.

This worked for me with airmail. I got it up and running on my phone just earlier today.

It makes use of URL schemes.

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Do attachments get sent also?

I think you have to send the attachment separately, but you can do that with the share button after you opened up the attachment.

Maybe there is a better all-in-one solution out there someone knows about?

I know it’s an iOS limitation… but it’s frustrating. Evernote being web based has this figured out.

Very between apps right now. Evernote works for most of my needs.

Devonthink works for most things but to me the UI even on iOS is still lacking.

Trailing a new (to me) app now, keep it.

We will see. Will probably keep using Evernote :confused: :joy:

@Adrian Do you store emails in Evernote to ‘action’ them, or just for archival purposes?

Edit: Should’ve asked earlier, age you all in in iOS, or do you have DTPO on the Mac? If the latter, then the archiving feature between and DTPO is going to be the answer there.

If on iOS only, then I don’t know of a mail client that will allow this, but haven’t checked Spark/Airmail/Dispatch in ages, and not sure if this has maybe been added.

Which means, in the absence of something on this apps, either a Workflow workflow, or something server side, c/o IFTTT?

Both. But most often it is for archival.