Getting irritated at having to keep re-enabling the permissions for bartender, textexpander, etc

Apple needs to concentrate a little more on macOS and a little less on their stupid car…


Same was happening this side — endlessly having to re-enter the permissions, as if whatever plist file has saved my having done that, would go missing/be overwritten. And then it stopped happening. Somewhere over the past few months, some macOS update somewhere, seemed to have fixed things. :man_shrugging:

Was frustrating as all heck — and you have my sympathies. Hopefully will settle down your side as well, soon.

Agreed. I end up rebooting the machine again, and that seems to clear it up (for me, anyways…)

Mine went on like that for weeks and weeks. Rebooting etc., nothing worked. Also inconsistent. Often triggered when waking the machine from sleep — other times working as it should. And then, fixed. So, :man_shrugging:

If Siri is any indication, I’d be wary of an Apple car anyway.

“Trippi, take me to grandma’s house.”

“Setting course for: Grand Canyon.”

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It is were Alexa, the response to “Alexa, take me to grandma’s house” would be “I’m having trouble responding right now … please try later … or reply ‘UPS’ and we will send UPS to pick you up and take you to your destination”.

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(Heading toward a cliff)

“Siri, cancel autopilot.”

“Just a sec”….”I’m on it”….”Still working”….”Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.”

(Car heads over the cliff)