Getting Mac to recognize when I type in Italian



I have occasion to type in Italian once a week or so and on the Mac, frequently run into auto correct. I know how to change keyboards but that also changes the layout. On ioS, this is seamless and I even get suggestions and accents put in the correct place. Does anyone know of a way to have this happen on Mac?


I’d look here:



I’m switching between German and English all the time and have issues with quotation marks.
Typographically correct would be:

  • for German: „Dies ist ein Zitat.“ (mnemonic: 99 is open at the bottom 66 open at the top.)
  • for English: “This is a quote.”

Despite macOS recognizing the language I’m typing in correctly for autocorrect suggestions, it will ignore switching the typographically correct quotation marks.

Any idea how to fix this?