Getting Mac to recognize when I type in Italian

I have occasion to type in Italian once a week or so and on the Mac, frequently run into auto correct. I know how to change keyboards but that also changes the layout. On ioS, this is seamless and I even get suggestions and accents put in the correct place. Does anyone know of a way to have this happen on Mac?

I’d look here:


I’m switching between German and English all the time and have issues with quotation marks.
Typographically correct would be:

  • for German: „Dies ist ein Zitat.“ (mnemonic: 99 is open at the bottom 66 open at the top.)
  • for English: “This is a quote.”

Despite macOS recognizing the language I’m typing in correctly for autocorrect suggestions, it will ignore switching the typographically correct quotation marks.

Any idea how to fix this?

First, I was thrilled to get a response from Stephen Hackett! 2nd, I followed these steps and everything in the Mac System turned into Italian (Vista, Cronologia, etc) which is fun BUT it still auto corrects in email when I’m typing Italian. Even though all the mailboxes in the Mac Mail app now have Italian names. Clues?

I may have figured it out–I have to re-start the computer. . not just the mail program. This is annoying. I guess I just need to write emails in Italian on the ipad.

That’s kinda weird… In the exact opposite situation (Mac set in Italian and occasional need to write in English) everything works seamlessly.

I mean I get the appropriate autocorrect even if I switch language mid-sentence (ovvero a metà frase)…


Voglio sapere come farlo!!!

Eh il problema è che non ho fatto niente :upside_down_face:
(The problem is that I didn’t do anything)