Getting new content onto Apple TV while offline

We are impacted by the current Northern California blackouts. Luckily, we have power, but unfortunately, Comcast is down and projected to be done for 7 days, until next Wednesday. We can watch content that is already on my miniServer via our Apple TV, but streaming is out.

My backup plan was to download some content at work (such as some News shows) and then put it into iTunes on my server for consumption via Apple Tv. Unfortunately that failed - iTunes does not let you add content to your library without being connected, since they cannot authenticate my Apple ID. Bummer.

Nothing I can do during this blackout, but since we will have to live with future blackouts (thanks, PG&E), I want to be prepared the next time around. My current plan is to switch all content to Plex. Does Plex need authentication in any form for me to add new content while offline? Or to play it back via Apple TV? What other solutions could you think off?

Once I have Internet back, I’ll test these solution on my own and report back, but it’ll be a while.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I realize I can airplay the content, so that’s one potential option.

An extreme plan B, but does your TV have a USB port? Can it play video content from a stick or drive?

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Yes, it can play from a stick, but it’s typically stuttering quite a bit, since I think it has USB 2.0 ports and they just cannot push through enough data…