Getting Started with Omnifocus 3

Hi guys! I’ve been using Things 3 for the past 8-10 months and I love it. But I keep hearing about Omnifocus 3 and how cool it is and it also seems like everyone else wants to use it to Automate things.

I downloaded it and I am doing the 2-week trial, but I genuinely have no idea how to get started (I’ve never used an Omnifocus product before).

Does anyone have any advice on where to begin? I am mostly using it to organize graduate classes, coaching soccer teams, running a leadership program for high school kids and personal tasks. Or from the sound of it, is Things 3 perfect and I am overcomplicating for the sake of curiosity? Thanks everyone!

1 Like as well as Tims workflow interviews on youtube.
Also the omnifocus discourse forums are good.

@MacSparky has promised a new version of the OmniFocus field guide once OmniFocus 3 for Mac releases (though you may be beyond your free trial by then).


Welcome to our world…


Can you please link to the OmniFocus Discourse Channel? I’ve been trying to find a good source for great channels, in addition to this one.


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@tylerstrauss I have the same problem I don’t know what does what on OF3, but I just started using Things 3 also and i wish I could find a good tutorial about that also. It’s hard.

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The Sweet Setup has a course available for Things 3 - don’t know how good it is bit it seems to cover its use well. Different prices for different options.

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If you have a Lynda subscription (maybe through your local public library?) you can watch MacSparky’s training courses for OF 2 there. 95% I’d say is still applicable.

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I have loved Things 3 so far. Simple layout. Just curious to see a. what else is out there and b. perhaps attachment support and automation options

Thank you! This worked perfectly!

The course is great. Shawn Blanc does a great job showing his process and how Things works.

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Just to update from my end. I’m currently producing the third edition of the OmniFocus Field Guide. It’s all new and covers basics to advanced. I’m also adding a lot about different use strategies. In the past I’ve focussed on managing by defer date. This new video covers that still, but several additional options. I’ll be releasing it by the end of September. Hopefully with the release of OF 3 for Mac but I don’t want to promise that.


Thanks to everyone who recommended checking out for @MacSparky’s Field Guide. I, too, was able to access through my local library and am now even more productive on my train rides to and from work. And thanks, @MacSparky for the upcoming update to the Field Guide. Really looking forward to it!

Thanks. Between Siri Shortcuts and OmniFocus 3 … it’s all screencasting … all the time in my life right now.


Your OF video field guides were the first and best introductions to using OF in a way that worked for me! OF was impenetrable until then! I am still using the defer date strategy, which keeps me relatively sane with about 100 active work projects and over 20 task assignees. You also introduced me to OF templates and automation, which were great improvements! I suspect OF3 will morph my system to use more sophisticated custom perspectives, and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it. So, I am eagerly awaiting your new VFG!

FINALLY got an invite for OF3 beta for Mac and have been toying with things. I’ve been using 3 on iOS for a couple months now, and have appreciated the Tags versus context change, using multiple tags, etc. my primary way of working through OF is my Mac, so I’m looking forward to David’s video too :slight_smile:


Thanks gang. I’ve already got over an hour of screencasting in the can on this and I’m spending about 30 hours a week on it. I’m hoping to be done in two weeks.


I bought his courses on Ulysses and Day One. Went fully through the Ulysses once and found it valuable (it underscored some limitations I found in the app which I had originally thought might have been from my own ignorance), and I haven’t run through the Day One course yet. If I were interested in Things I’d definitely buy the course.

I have the All the Things, Unlock 1Password, & Day One in Depth. All are excellent.