Gift card woes: I just want to buy some apps

So I really want to buy the educator bundle of apps on the Apple store ($200 for five pro apps is an amazing deal). My mother in law was very kind and bought me an App Store and iTunes gift card for $100 for Christmas and I put it aside until I saved the other $100. Well here I am trying to check out and because the bundle is on the Apple Store and not on the App Store I must use an Apple Store gift card.

I contact support and they say “sure we can switch it over, you’ll just need to send us a picture of the card and the receipt.” Well word the wise I guess, gift receipts don’t work. So now I have to ask my gift giver to find the receipt from December (if she bought it last minute), which if you can guess, she does not have. It’s uber frustrating because I just want to buy some apps in a different configuration, and through their own ecosystem.

Just venting here. Anyone else have any frustrating stories like this when dealing with customer service at Apple or anywhere?

No, but I’ll buy the gift card from you for $90 and give you cash for it. Might be easier than dealing with support?

Sure I’d be down for that. Just messaged you.