Gmail annoyance

I know there are literally a million other apps to use… but it really bothers me that in the gmail iOS app, you can’t swipe to archive a labeled e-mail (and have it just remove the label)

Also, why is there still no multi select???

Mimestream for iOS can’t coke soon enough!

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No help, but Gmail is a clusterfock. :face_vomiting:

I also find it frustrating that I cannot add a pdf to an email, I am restricted to adding files from google files as opposed to the files app

I may just switch (back) to FastMail.

1 Like isn’t perfect. I agree with @MereCivilian, access to the Files app would be nice. But what would you add to multi-select?

After I select multiple emails by tapping their icon I can delete or archive them, label or snooze them, etc. (by using the icons or three dot … menus in the upper right of the message). What’s missing?

In the web app, you can “select all”. You can’t on the gmail iOS app.

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OK, I’ve never noticed it doesn’t have that feature.

My email sessions are normally swipe left to archive, right to delete, tap to star, or tap tap to add to Tasks. I’m not a fan of email and spend as little time using it as possible.

One of the issues is that you can’t swipe to archive if it also has a label, which is particularly annoying for my “sanelater” email.

Strange, I can. I forward two additional email addresses to my Google Workspace account and have a rule label them on arrival. I archive them the same as any email and they retain their labels.

Maybe this is just something with sanebox?

Wait… try to archive a labeled e-mail within the gmail app on iOS

That’s what I use most of the time.


I think I just realized my issue.

Archiving an e-mail in gmail simply removes the inbox label.

The sanebox @sanelater feature removes the inbox label while adding the sanelater label. That’s why I can’t archive sanelater items.

Though I still think the same gesture should just remove the sanelater label (like it does in other apps)

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