Gmail as Exchange Account on iPhone

I am trying to setup Gmail as an Exchange account on my iPhone, rather than as a Gmail account. This way I can utilize “push” notifications for Gmail rather than “fetch”.

I have used “” as my server and it seems like it should work, but then it says it won’t connect to the server. I did this years ago and it had no problems, but ever since I’ve used third party emails, I haven’t had to use this work around. However, in wanting to test Apple Mail again, I’m running into this issue.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what my issue is? Or is this something Gmail doesn’t allow anymore?

Thank you!

I thought they removed this feature but I hope I’m wrong! Looking forward to answers.

From what I can tell, it looks like they removed the feature back in 2013, but allowed already established connections to continue to work.

See bullet number two from here:

The feature appears to still work if you use GSuite/Google Apps for Business, but not for personal Gmail accounts.

Hmm I have Google Apps…I’ll have to give it a shot!