Gmail issues in >> anyone else?

Anyone else have recurring log-in issues across all their Gmail accounts on

Running the latest Mojave > and every time I jump back into, that “disconnect” icon is next to all my Gmail accounts/inboxes.
Simultaneously, the “Login Failed” button has appeared top right.

Hitting “Get Mail” sometimes forces a download. As does right-clicking on the mail box, and telling it to “synchronise” – but often times, I am forced to quit and re-open Mail for the download to take place. 20(?) minutes later, and the issue repeats itself again.

Any suggestions?
Would removing the accounts, and re-adding them again, force a download of everything again – or would macOS only download what is new?

I have the same issue, started 1 or 2 updates ago. Google probably changed something again in their version of imap.

Good to know it’s not just me. Very annoying!

I had a strange issue with gmail on on iOS. Only from one email sender would the email appear on my log screen on my ipad and then immediately go to the Archive folder as unread. Very strange! Gmail and have a long and tormented relationship, which is why I try to stay off gmail.

I’ve noticed this recently. Perhaps it started with 10.14.6, but I’m not sure. Clicking “Login Failed” usually clears the error, and forces a sync, on the three Gmail accounts I track in Mail. I haven’t tested this precisely – but “login failed” seems to appear if Mail has not had the focus for more than 5 minutes. Perhaps Google is throttling polling from Mail.


No problems. I have multiple Gmail accounts. Running the 10.14.6 w/ supplemental version of macOS. Mail ver 12.4. has a long history of connection problems and, IMO, they seem to happen more frequently with Gmail. Some versions are much better than others, but the same glitches keep reappearing again and again over the years. Some were so bad, even with non-gmail accounts, that I was forced to replace with Thunderbird mail on some of my users.

To answer one of your questions: If you delete your gmail account from mail, all messages will be re-downloaded when you set up it up again. There are workarounds if you have limited bandwidth, but they are not worth the trouble if that isn’t an issue.

Personally, I use mainly to have a local copy of my mail for backup purposes only. I rarely use it to send/receive mail.

I’ve used Mailplane as my daily driver for several years. It allows me to take advantage of Gmail’s security, etc. features that are only available through webmail, while having the convenience of a standalone program.

Google doesn’t use standard IMAP, has to work with everything, users call tech support. Maybe Catalina will be better.

I have also been experiencing this with my Gsuite account. It started a few weeks ago.