Gmail not syncing

Hi all. I have a new problem that has surfaced in the last few weeks/months. Typically, I triage email on my iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and then respond when I get back to my Mac, or sometimes iPad. The changes I make on the iPhone or iPad are not syncing to the other devices. Note: read vs unread will sync. But if I delete the message or put it in a sub folder, that will not carry through to the other devices. However, if I do this on the Mac, then it will sync to all my iOS devices — but it won’t go the other way. Everything is updated to the latest iOS version and I haven’t updated anything on my Mac. Has something changed on the gmail side? Also, I’m having the same issue with two different gmail accounts. My third email account that is not gmail is syncing just fine.

I had similar issues and finally just switched to using the Gmail app on my iOS devices.

I had a similar issue with iCloud recently. Thankfully, signing out and signing back in fixed the issue. I guess you cannot really do the same thing with Gmail.

Since this is happening with two different gmail accounts I’m thinking that won’t help. I’m wondering if a gmail setting has changed that would account for this across accounts.