Going Paperless

Is that a feature in the Mac app, a separate iOS app, or somehow using native features of iOS or macOS to do it? Would love to know more

I think it is a somewhat recent macOS feature that apps can take advantage of. I position the document to be scanned in good light, unlock my iPhone, and in EagleFiler select File > Import from iPhone > Scan Documents.


Been Paperless ever since @MacSparky 's first Fieldguide came out and when it became a hobby I even worked my way backdated from there, shredding boxfiles worth of paper.

Have had various Fujitsu ScanSnaps, which I still prefer over iPhone scans and I am using tools such as Alfred, Prizmo, PDFPen Pro, Hazel and Devonthink to OCR, file and search. Everything is tagged, indexed, logically files and fully searchable.

The only papers I kept are Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, key home and car ownership papers and insurance policies (all of which also available digitally).

Anything else goes a single way: from envelope => scanner => shredder. Or from downloads to auto filing

It is so cool to have access to everything from the last 12-15 years, wherever I am or whenever I need it. It has helped so many times, especially during f.i. medical reviews, applications, claims etc.

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Same here. I only keep those few vital documents. But the “paperless routine” has become really easy since I could move everything to electronic bills. I only look into my postbox once a week…to throw away the flyers and crap.

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That’s a nice trick, hadn’t thought of that.

My Eaglefiler library is in iCloud already. That’s the beauty of Eagle Filer!

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Been paperless for years. Most of those sources you listed already send digital bills or documents which is one less step (no scanning). Not to mention pdf bank account statements, etc.

I have a great ScanSnap for business I use once/week or so to capture the rest of the paper I want to archive which isn’t much - maybe 5-10 pages/week.

Definitely worth pursuing. It’s great to have everything just a few clicks away. I do generally keep sensitive stuff out of Dropbox but everything else goes there. Like someone else said the search makes it pretty easy to find what I want.