Good Apple Karma

I was on campus yesterday and happened upon a 27" thunderbolt display with a “free” taped to it right in front of the building my office is in. I just so happen to already have a thunderbolt-to-USB 3 adapter. I took it in and tested it out and it works!

While the resolution isn’t nearly as good as my 24" iMac, it makes a fine companion for reference material, like Tinderbox files that love a big canvas.


That’s great! Many years ago I gave my old Apple Thunderbolt display to a friend who used it for a home office. And this weekend I heard that it’s now going to another friend to be used as a second display for a MacBook Air.


Where can I get a friend like that…? :thinking:

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I remember picking one up for a client in 2015 or so. Even then the salesperson was like “Wait, really?” I thought that was a shame, as the Thunderbolt Display was really cool in its day.