Good brand for burning music to CD's

I’ll need to do more testing to confirm but this is how I understand it.

You should be able to burn a song to a CD in the iTunes/Music app if the song has been added to your library in the following manner:

  • Purchased through iTunes
  • Ripped from a CD
  • Imported music file from your file system

iTunes/Music app won’t allow you to burn a song if its been added to your library in the following manner:

  • Added to library from Apple Music (the subscription service)

Right, thanks! I suspected as much. Thank you!

Wondershare All MY Music for Mac is $29. Not outrageous.

FWIW I once read that CD-R manufacturers claim a shelf life of 5 - 10 years for blank CDs.

Neither would I. Consumer quality optical disks don’t last near as long as we were led to believe.

It was meant as a joke. I’m sorry, if you are offended. That was not the intention. Sometimes things come out wrong online, I’m sorry.

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Oh I know that, Benjamin! I definitely took it as a joke. But I do believe that’s how we learn.

Online it is harder because a wink or a shrug, e.g., would have said immediately you were joshing.

CD-R over CD-RW for burning with higher success rate.

Not a fan of Memorex brand.
Always had great success with Verbatim.

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Well, that’s a bit of a dangerous advice. The best brand (supposedly) is Taiyo Yuden (now JVC-Taiyo Yuden). Used and preferred by many, many professionals. And yes, there definitely is a quality difference between all the brands.

I’ve have some great JVC stereos in the past. I definitely would buy JVC. If JVC is willing to put their logo on a product, I’d generally trust them. It’s just these other names that come from nowhere that I’d be leary of.

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