GoodNotes v5 Released

Is anyone else noticing massive battery life drain with goodnotes versus notability? GN is zapping my iPad in about 3 hours from a full charge.

I spent a lot of time using GoodNotes at a conference last week and I while I was down below 20% by the end of the day, I was still getting all-day battery life out of my iPad (2018 12.9” iPad Pro).

I’ve noticed this a bit – it seems that the Pencil discharges faster with GoodNotes.

GoodNotes 5 for macOS beta has begun – it’s very basic – no editing yet – but good to see there is progress.

The roadmap for GoodNotes 5 for macOS final release 1.0 brings it up to par with GoodNotes 4, for the most part.

Why on earth would the iOS version be 331 MB? Is this all fancy notebook covers and templates?

Read a lot of good things about GoodNotes and bought it at 50% discount but, disappointed that they don’t have extra margin on a PDF for annotation. That’s the only thing I’m using it for at this moment. I can annotate in the page, writing over the words but it sure would be nice to annotate at the margin.

It’s one of the features they have in the pipeline but V5 has been out for a couple of years, right? How often do they update they app?

This is a very active developer. i’ve been one of the beta testers for sometime. (I’ve never even known a developer that does this, but they’ve interviewed me twice about how I use certain features of the app.)

Two of the big features they were working on recently were the collaboration tools and the stamps. My hunch is that because they target their marketing to school notetakers—high school and up—that they prioritize tools that are most important to that segment. Margin annotations may (in the developers view) not be as important for university students.

None of this addresses your need to have margin annotations, I understand. GoodNotes has a pretty active twitter account, maybe reach out to the developers there.

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I picked up GoodNotes on sale the other day (thanks again @r2d2 :roll_eyes:); my question is how (or whether) to use GN and Apple Notes together?

I think Uni students may use it to take notes more than having PDFs passed down to them for annotation. I will reach out to the dev in Twitter. Thank you.