Google app: what is it good for?

Hey all, I’ve been wondering this for a while and wondered if anyone has been running the Google app. It seems redundant with Safari’s search box to me but I’m sure I’m missing something.

If you use all Google Serices I think it is used for notifications… not sure if still the case as that is where assistant lived etc.

It’s not simply a search (bar) app - the Discover tab gives you info based on what it knows of your interests and location (news, weather, sports, new music from fave artists, stories about topics followed in Google News). Its voice recognition seems to be noticeably faster and more accurate than when using the mic icon with Safari too.

If you turn on two-factor authentication, the Google app also gives you codes for that.


This. The only use I found for this app so far. Really.

If you signed up for the fantastic Google Trips and gave it access to scour the entire history of your gmail account for any evidence of travel, and then got caught in the bait and switch when they removed the app, I believe the functionality is now in the Google App. I’m still grieving over Google Trips being gone and have gone back to using Tripit.