Google Assistant experience?

Just discovered that my Sonos One supports Google Assistant. Played a bit with it (I don’t want an Amazon assistant), and I have to say I’m impressed and it complements very well Siri (very different core competences).
Anybody explored a bit more in depth? (there are a lot of Alexa posts but very few Google Assistant ones)

I purchased two Google Minis last year during a BOGO sale. One on the lower floor of my apartment and one on the upper covers all my rooms. I use them to control Eufy Dimmable bulbs (about $15 each) and with the addition of a 3rd gen Chromecast, add voice control to my 12 year old Samsung Plasma TV.

I chose to have the Google Assistant listen for follow up questions which allows for “conversations” like: OK, Google, pause (video), turn on kitchen light, what’s the forecast for tonight? If you are a Gmail user, you can use the GA to add/change items on your Calendar, etc or let Siri handle it from your Apple devices.

It works well for me, and everything I purchased so far cost less than my HomePod.

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Thanks for the ideas. Why the Chromecast? To complete the voice setup, or because you preferred it to an Apple TV? (I have an Apple TV, it’s the set top box of my provider)

Why the Chromecast? Originally, like the Google Mini(s) purchase, it was mainly curiosity. But I discovered I really enjoy using voice to control the TV rather than deal with some remotes and applications.

I’ve always found apps on the iPad (YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc) more enjoyable to use than dealing with a remote and set top box. Now I use my iPad to select a program and send it to the Chromecast. Then I turn off my iPad and control the set using voice commands to the Google Mini. (Programs stream directly from the Internet to the Chromecast, not from the iPad).

The commands are what you would expect: Play, Pause, Mute, Turn Closed Caption ON/OFF, Skip Forward/Back (Minutes or Seconds), etc.

But make a note of the point where you Pause in the program. It doesn’t remember if your business keeps you away too long.

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Thanks - bought a Google Home Mini and testing with my years old ChromeCast.