Google Calendar — multiple google accounts?

Hi all. I’ve been using Google Calendar and sync for years and never had an issue with it. I also am a premium user of Fantasical on my Mac & iOS devices. All these years, my Google Calendar has been synced to my personal google account. For work, I have a G Suite Account, but I’ve still been syncing calendars through my personal google account.

Although syncing is rock solid, sharing calendar events is problematic. My “personal” google account is actually a junk email that I don’t check very often. When I share out events for work this is a problem because they’re not connected to my work email.

I’m unsure what I should do. Having all my calendar events syncing to one google account is convenient, but right now these are all tied to the “wrong” account. The other question I have is how would this work on iOS? I’m having trouble accessing my work Google Drive files on iOS because my iOS devices only have my personal google account and I can’t figure out how to tell iOS I have two google accounts. It is a MUST for my iOS devices to be able to access my calendar and right now iOS can’t access anything on my G Suite (work) account.

If anyone can help me sort this out I’d be very grateful. Google help is hard and most times not helpful.

Tapping the Account icon in the upper right corner of the (Google) Drive app will allow you to add another account to the app. This is common to all Google products that I have used.

I suspect the simplest solution would be to export the calendars from your personal account and add them to your work account. Doing this through the Mac Calendar app may be the easiest method.

Problems can occur if your Google administrator at work sets limitations on your work account. For example, they can prevent sharing information with users that are not a part of your domain.

I admit to doing a quick read so feel free to ignore.

I strongly recommend BusyCal on both Mac and iOS. You can leave every calendar where it belongs. BasyCal can manage talking to Google, Apple, Exchange etc. I’ve been using it for years and it keeps me sane when dealing with my 20 calendars.

Wayne, I was able to log into my work G Suite account on my phone. I’ll check my iPad. the last time I tried, it wanted to use an account associated with the device and it was probably user error. Thanks.

For the G Suite account, it might help to know that I AM the administrator for the G Suite account, so if I have a limitation setting, I can fix it. That being said, what would you suggest? I’m not even sure how to export and import into a new google account. Should I export all my calendars, or only my work calendar?

Thanks, I used BusyCal a long time ago when syncing didn’t work well, but I am “all in” with FantastiCal now and am not interested in switching. They have released a lot of features with version 3 that are critical to my workflow. Proposed meeting times and one-click access to my online meetings are awesome. BusyCal probably can do these things as well, but I don’t want to switch. I’ve pre-paid for FantastiCal for the year and I’m sticking with them. Plus, I love their iOS apps.

If you plan to use your work account as your main calendar, I would export from your personal account and import into your work account.

But before starting, at a minimum, I suggest you backup your existing Calendar(s) - (File/Export/Calendar Archive). Since this is something new for you I would also suggest running a complete backup (Time Machine, etc.) I would not want you to lose any data.

BTW, you could export your calendars, place a copy in the Users/Shared folder, then create a new user account on your Mac and practice importing into the Calendar in that account until you are comfortable with the process.

Here are Apple’s instructions for exporting/importing calendars into the Apple Calendar on your Mac.

Keep in mind that an .ICS file is a single calendar that can be imported (i.e added) to your existing Mac Calendar. But an .ICBU file is an archive that will replace everything in your Mac Calendar.

Thanks Wayne. This feels terrifying!

It’s actually pretty simple. I’ve shown people how to do it in a couple of minutes. But when I’m giving advice over the net I tend to be overly cautious.

Yes. I understand and thank you for your caution. I would simply be up a creek in a very bad way if I lost access to my calendar and the next six months of zoom links that have already been scheduled!

I may try to copy the calendar instead of export it. That way I should be able to revert to my current situation if needed. Are you suggesting I move all my calendars over to G Suite, or just my work calendars?