Google Drive - compatible video codec for preview?

Hi fellow MPUs,
any tips or suggestions on a mobile-compatible format for a video?
I need to upload two videos to Google Drive, but need them to be compatible using iOS’ Safari browser and Android’s Chrome browser, so they are viewable without having to download them.

Already tried MP4(H.264 (x264)) with AAC audio, but getting a
“Couldn’t preview file” message.

Reading Google Drive documentation, they state MP4 and AAC as compatible… still investigating…

Solved (hopefully)
Pressing: Download, then “View” works fine

I have the same problem with all files. It has been a long standing problem for all sorts of file formats in Google Drive.

Thought it could be solved, but looks like, as you mention, there’s no fix for that other than pray.

Thanks @anon54919170

My pleasure! :slight_smile: