Google Drive File Stream not visible in "Computer" folder

I’m an Apple beta user which means I am on Monterey beta 12.2. During the beta period I’ve had some problems with the Google Drive File Stream extension. Sometimes the Google Drive shows up in the Computer (ie press Cmd+Shift+C in Finder) folder, and sometimes not. It’s always visible in the Volumes folder, so I can still reach it though.

I have reported this to Apple, but I don’t know if the problem is on their end, or at Googles end.

I have reinstallad GDFS to no avail.

Any idea why this is happening?

Skärmavbild 2021-12-20 kl. 15.19.09

AFAIK the new Google Drive for Desktop replaced both Drive Stream, and Backup & Sync (which I had been using). This might be worth researching.

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I installed this, and there’s no change. I wonder if this is the same app nowadays? Feels like it.
However, problem still the same. :frowning: