Google Home Compatible Podcast App

I got a Google Home as a birthday present which is cool. As I’m trying to figure out uses for it, I want to play podcasts from it. Seems that Overcast isn’t supported if I’m correct so downloaded PocketCasts. Only 4 things bug me

  1. When only wanting to download a few episodes and not subscribe, it doesn’t seem to let you
  2. It’s unclear if the episodes I download podcasts to try will only have those episodes or start downloading new episodes.
  3. I can’t seem to reorder episodes in custom order within playlist.
  4. Can’t sort by shortest to longest podcast.

I loved Overcast though wish it had some better features. I know @bowline uses PocketCasts so I’ll tag him to answer though anyone else chime in.

You don’t need an app to play podcasts. Just say “OK Google, play the latest Mac Power Users Podcast”

? Don’t I need a podcast app that allows casting to the google home?

Sweet just set it up, back to overcast for regular scheduled programming!

Had to just connect it to the speaker via Bluetooth


Here’s a trick for you, in the google home application itself you can cast the phones audio to any speaker, it’s how I listen to my audible audiobooks on my fleet of google home minis. (Well at least you can on Android I need to double check iOS)

Pockecasts is a great app, I actually had the chance to meet the developers, since they are just in the next state, they are a bunch of cool guys and girls

That said, going through your points one by one

  1. I don’t believe you can listen to a podcast without subscribing to it, I normally keep 20 to 30 shows subscribed and it works quite well.
  2. It depends on your settings, I believe that the default is to stream podcasts, so new episodes will be added as unlisted seems and streamable without downloading, unless you throw the switch in settings (which is hidden under the gear icon on the profile screen)
  3. You totally can, so when you add podcasts to the playlist you have the option of putting it next in the queue or at the end. When looking at the queue, just hold and drag the hamburger icon on the right side of the epidode and drop it wherever you want in the list.
  4. While I have not stat down and played with the filters in pocket casts 7, I am pretty sure that your can’t order by shorted to longest podcast.

Lastly just for the lols here are my pocketcast stats.

Thanks for that, I’ll try and use some of those voice commands!

Thanks for your points. I think for me sometimes I don’t want to subscribe to a podcast and listen to one off episodes or short series. I do wish Overcast would have more data like it shows in Pocketcasts plus more then one developer (Marco is great but would love more updates/bigger stuff). I’d love for smart playlists to curate stuff from the last week to listen to. At the moment as I’m working to pair down and listen through the podcasts I have I made a playlist called “This Week” that I try and work through. I then add things periodically.

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