Google maps - offline doesn’t work without cellular or wifi

Have any of you used google offline maps on iOS? I’ve spent the last 3 weeks in Spain cursing google and my cell provider.
I’ll admit I’m not the most adept iOS user. The data for T-Mobile just hasn’t worked for any apps, since we left Madrid.

Before leaving the us I had downloaded all of the offline maps for the cities we were going to.

When I tried using the offline maps without cellular and WiFi, google maps would only display a screen which ga e me two options- delete and update the maps for that city.

I’ve made sure that location services was enabled and data roaming was on.

I was expecting that offline maps would work with the gps, but I could never get the maps to work without cellular or WiFi.

The next time I go abroad, I’ll just buy a local SIM card.

I use Google maps offline on my iPad(non-cellular model) without any difficulties - I do use an external GPS. I can use offline maps with my android phone without an external GPS and no data.

How did you use your offline maps? Note, if you touch the Offline maps button, you will be given the option of updating, deleting or creating an offline map. To actually use the maps, just use google maps as you normally would. The program will automatically load the appropriate offline map if a data connection is not available.

I tried using the maps just as you would if WiFi or cellular were working. When I did that the bottom of the screen showed “no internet connection “

I am not sure what is happening. Just to clarify, are you using an iPhone ? I am not sure why this should make a difference, as if it takes a SIM card, it should have an internal GPS.

I know I can use Google Maps without any data (as I have no data plan). Would you be willing to try []( ?). This is my backup in case I forgot to load the appropriate map. Maps are meant for offline use, they are in vector format so they do not take up as much space. I find they are not as accurate as google maps, but I they are a great backup.

I am wondering if will work on your machine. If it does not, then I suspect something is happening with your machine or access(permission) to the GPS data.

I agree, the gps should work without a SIM card.Apple maps worked, that is I could follow our progress as we walked, but I could not get directions without WiFi. Google maps gave perfect bus and subway directions over WiFi
. I took screenshots of the directions before leaving the WiFi area.

Yes, I’m using an iPhone XR with iOS 12. Given that Apple maps worked with the gps. I can only assume there is a bug in google maps.

When you are using Google maps offline - is your location being actively tracked ? When I use Google maps, I can always see my progress. However, if I try to get directions to a unique place, it is hit or miss. I usually need an active Internet connection to plot a new course from a unique location.

My workaround (which does not alway work) is to do my plotting before I leave home(I save the locations in My Places). I am not sure why this is the case as Google Maps is perfectly capable(most of the time, but not always) of rerouting when I am off course.

If I really need the directions I do the same thing you have done and create a composite of images in a PDF using Curio.

Just for comparison, I am using Google Maps, with a non-cellular iPad mini 5 (iOS 12) and a Garmin GLO GPS.

There might be some issues with iOS 12, iPhones and Google Maps: