Google Maps question

Today, the report speeds traps, accidents, etc. just disappear on me in Google Maps. Has anyone ever seen this? What do you think was the cause or issue?

Does the same issue occur in Waze? As far as I’m concerned, Waze is powered by Google Maps and is popular amongst power users.

I haven’t used Waze in years after I couldn’t reinstate my account.

What about Apple Maps?

I started using Google Maps again because of seeing where the speed traps were and reporting them since I have never seen a report on Apple Maps. Google Maps shows your report right away and shows how many people reported the incident.

Do you have to manually enable them?

No it was automatic. It has come back once now, but has disappeared again.

Are you running the latest version of the Google Maps application? There might’ve been a bug in the previous version.

Yes I am running the current version.

I deleted the app and reinstalled. It came back last night afterwards, but today the reporting feature is gone again.