Google requiring all ‘G Suite legacy free edition’ users to start paying for Workspace this year

Thank you for your reply. That is helpful. I’ll look again at Hover to see how it fits for my needs.

Prices I don’t think are changing, but if you have account with your domain you will have to start paying. You should have gotten messages about this. Can you login to with that account?

I don’t have personal experience with either of them yet, but I’ve seen them recommended on /r/gsuitelegacymigration on Reddit and it looks as if people are generally happy with their service (I’ve also been researching them as an option).

MXroute is apparently reputable enough and is ran by a guy who has experience in telcos and ISPs previously. It seems to be a no-frills service for those who know how to set it up and who will not need much help in setting it up (and they are quite clear about that in their FAQ and documentation), which they say is how they are able to lower the costs. This is also why they release a select number of lifetime plans and why these are not always available, all depending on how much capacity on their servers they know they have and can commit, which is an interesting model (and they are actually quite upfront that this means for the lifetime of the company). I think there is a limited calendar and no contacts support though (see their documentation), they just want to focus on email.

If you are worried about a single guy running the operation and the ‘bus factor’, see some of their comments and user comments here, and here, for example. I like their no-fuss and direct tone in the FAQ and the documentation.

Thank you for pointing me towards what others have said and what they say about themselves. That’s great stuff for me to read and consider.

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Thanks I will try the link and check.

Just a word of warning. I’ve been having some odd problems with missing emails (on an old Hover → Gmail setup I’ve had my wife using for ages). I asked for help on another thread here and I was just enlightened on the dangers of forwarding. Best to read the whole thread but the linked post onwards was where I learned what I needed to know.

Since moving to Google Workspace I’ve been on Youtube researching features that did not exist in my old legacy gsuite account. And there appear to be several that are new to me and which are available in standard Gmail accounts.

The video below is an example of some advanced features. I’ve found several interesting Google and Mac tips on this channel, but the host’s humor took some getting used to.

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Ok had migrated to the Business Workspace Starter Edition in the first week of May. Once I came to know about this today I reached out to Google Support and they confirmed me that they will switch me back to the Original legacy plan. I just told them it was for my own Personal and family usage. Thay asked for the Admin Email account nt on my domain and said I should be all said. I’m on the wait-list to be migrated.

Anyone wanting to go back don’tdelay get early on the queue.

I am in a similar position. How do I find out what my admin email account not on my domain email address is? Is it the same as the recovery email for the admin account?

it was setup so long ago that I do not remember

@merecivilian, it should be the email you signed up with for Google Legacy account. Do you know which email gets the annual invoice for this legacy account. Thatbshoukd be your admin account. If not I would.say initiate a support call with Google Support. I chatted with them.over the web and they are pretty good at responding now. They are well aware of the scenario now.

They can find your admin account and can help you gain access to it with proper identification.

In my case when I login into the Google Legacy Admin Portal, click on Users Tab, I see a list of all users I have created and the Admin User is early labelled as Admin User.

Good Luck :grinning::+1:

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Having decided that “less than a month” until their deadline was long after they should have relented, I spent considerable effort moving four accounts of my own domain away from Google and decided to leave my wife’s account alone because she runs her business with it and I will just pay the price.

I am VERY tempted to migrate her away now just to spite Google.

Call me cynical, but I reckon they waited until a big chunk of users had ponied up or gone away before they let this cat out of the bag.

This is great news, sometimes my laziness pays off.

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Or maybe the intern they assigned to the task dropped the ball. I had been thinking of moving to a paid account before all this started, but I can understand how this could be frustrating to others.

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

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Which begs the question as to what the hell is Google doing: The most data driven company in the world was not able to predict this PR debacle.

I’d be surprised if they didn’t expect some of their free legacy G Suite users would be upset.

Chances are the Legacy users who upgraded to Google Workspace Business Starter Edition will get the Workspace Business Starter account for free. Since there is no downgrade path.



@sangadi, how did you “identify as a non-business user” ?

By being truthful. They just ask you confirm that you use it for personal and family use or you should be using Business workspaces.

No, I mean what mechanism did you use to communicate your non-business usage? I couldn’t see any form to do this in the admin interface. Did you just email support and explain the situation?