Google requiring all ‘G Suite legacy free edition’ users to start paying for Workspace this year

I’ve been a bit late in moving. My old legacy account has a primary domain I no longer own. I have a domain alias set up, but cannot change the primary domain (not allowed for legacy users).

Anyone managed to change the primary domain in some way for the legacy account?

I moved two legacy accounts to one GW account last year. I set one as primary, and the other as an alias. I had a minor problem and support walked me though it within 24 hours. But I’m keeping a paid account.

It looks like the process may have changed since I made the switch, but I had to backup everything, mail, calendar, contacts, photos, etc. because I closed the old legacy account(s) and set up a new GW account. If that is still the case you will have to set up the domain(s) again and should be able to make any changes you want.

Tried Google support, but no dice. They’re looking at closing as many free accounts as possible. Can’t moan after 12 years of free service, it’s just a pain to move.

In case you’re not aware, you can export everything at

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Does one need to upgrade to a Google Workspace EVEN IF they plan to stay on a free personal legacy account?

I initially told Google through their form that the account was for business purposes. However, I ended up deleted all extraneous email addresses in the account so now it’s only for personal use. I want to talk to Google support but all I get is the automated system.

I thought we had until today to do it, but it was “Before” June 27th, so I’ve missed out.

Oh well.

I’d been really remiss getting this done.

I thought I was too late to hit the “I promise this is for personal use only” button. Just today I switched to Google workspace business starter and told them a credit card. Then I tried hitting the “ Personal use only” button again. I had to do it a couple of times. But it did work.

My account type is now listed as: Google Workspace Business Starter free plan Free edition (no charges)

I’m curious about if I have all the features of business starter. They really are obfuscating that info. The features really don’t make much difference to me. We really just use 3 email address redirects and one email used the normal way.

Let’s all hope this stays stable for another decade or so.

Edit: Apparently there is now yet another free option called “Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition.”

It just seems to drag on. I contacted Google support again today to ask when they’ll be able to move me from Google Workspace Starter (what they told me 2 months ago I needed to change to) over to the Legacy Free Edition. Last month they charged my credit card $70 for that Google Workplace Starter account, but thankfully they refunded that billing.

I don’t know if anyone else has seen it drag on this long, but I keep wondering how much time it takes for a company like Google to process these requests. I wouldn’t have expected it would take this long.

I’m guessing the amount of support staff they’re dedicating to helping people continue using a free product is rather small. Are they getting back to you at all, or is the request just sitting there in the queue without response?

I made a mistake when I upgraded my free legacy account to a paid GW account back in January and, as I recall, they handled my case within a day or two. While you are waiting I’d check the Billing/Subscriptions section in your Admin console. You should see an update as soon as your plan changes. Good luck.

Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition

To save everyone time, if your domain was on legacy you cant just sign up for this as google will say theres already an account.

Also I dont think this includes email. is running a special for $28 /yr 10 email accounts and unlimited bandwith. Im setting this up for a client and was about to go with Zoho and flipped to this instead. If you decide on this make sure to 2FA all of your google accounts first and create a password to import google emails. it will save you hours of frustration

The billing has been changed back to a trial mode now and it says I have until the end of August to put in a payment method. No word back from Google yet as to when they’ll process my request, but if I don’t hear back before the end of the month, I’m going to have to put in a payment method so I don’t risk service disruption.

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No reply yet in a little over 24 hours. They’ve gotten back to me each month when I reach out, but usually, they just tell me that it’s been handed over to another team to process.

Oddly, when I did get my reply from Google Support, they told me to simply follow a link they put in the email to convert my account to a free one. That’s kind of frustrating that it was ready all that time, I just didn’t have access to the link to change it.

One thing I’d like to ask them though…since it’s not actually a real Workspace account is to allow users on this account to buy YouTube Premium as a Family Plan. As of now, you can buy an individual plan for an account that’s on there, but they won’t allow you to buy a Family Plan, even though I’ve already promised to only use it for personal use.