Google Sheets problem

Hi everyone,
I have to automate some of my daily tasks in Google Sheets. This includes my daily status report to one of our customers.
Thats where the problem starts. I have a primitive dataset (buss numbers [collum 1] and the advertising campaigns on them [collum two]). I want to translate it into a view like pic 2. Right now I’m doing that manually.

pic2 Skjermbilde 2022-01-24 kl. 14.30.48

I wanne automate the second liste and then put it into the report by =insertange but I can’t manage to get a view where the buss numbers are under the campaign names as in pic2 via pivot table or query function. I’m still super new to these things I might add.

Does anyone have an idea?

This is the closest I got by using =query, but that is actually nearly as bad as just using filters. …
Skjermbilde 2022-01-24 kl. 14.36.39

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I don’t really understand what you are trying to do, and why a filter doesn’t solve it.

If you just use

you get what you appear to want.

Sorry for being unclear. I want to get the buss numbers collected under a collum named after the campaign name. I don’t know if that is possible actually, but since its so easy to do it manually I was thinking it must be possible to do this automatically.

Thanks for the tip with the filter function. I will try and see how far I get. maybe if I couple a pivot table with a query after that to take out the empty cells… .

Thanks for the input anyways:)

This should work then:

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Wow, that is nice!!!
I will immediately copy and try to figure it out!

Thank you!

This was great, used a TRANSPOSE function together a UNIQUE function (to search for the values), to automate the top row as well. You certainly opened the knot in my thinking here, thanks again!

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