Google Suite Account Beyond Frustrated

Hi Guys,

I know this isn’t the place to discuss a google email account, but I’m beyond frustrated at the lack of support by Google, and really just need a place to vent this out.

I’m the administrator of a G Suite Legacy account. It has 10 users on there. I had to setup one of my accounts on a new device. I typed in the password, Google says, “we don’t recognize the device, please enter your number to send you a code”. An hour passes, the code never arrives. Google isn’t providing me another means of accessing. I keep trying until Google now says, “you’ve tried too many times, for your protection, try again later.”

Its been 12 hours since that message and I still can’t sign in. I don’t know what else to do…I thought about deleting the account and then recreating it again, but then I would lose out on the archive of emails that I can’t transfer since I can’t login.

I have the email account on my iPad and iPhone through Airmail, it’s just no longer updating. Is there anyway to export out a whole archive of emails somehow???

I don’t have something in specific in mind. But did you try to reset the user password and make them create one on first login?

Tried that. It keeps asking me to verify via my phone number first and wants to send me the 6 digit code.
I enter my number, but no code arrives.

Sounds fishy. Beware. Why would they ask you for a OTP at this point (new device, account reset)? If you were a hacker you could just give your own number and I’d be surprised if google were that dumb. OTP should only be sent to a number google already knows.

I realise it doesn’t help you here but avoiding SMS OTP is paramount now. Aside from the number jacking risks, your relying on the SMS being delivered in a timely manner. For whatever reason sometimes they either come hours late or never. Always use 2 factor but with an authentication app, google even make one! I use 1Password.

Are you able to login via desktop? Is it only having problems on a new mobile device?

I can’t login to a specific user account from any device, mobile or desktop.

I still have access to the administrator account.

@Mpacker I do find it odd that I can type any number essentially.

I am considering deleting the user account, I will probably lose all the emails/data, and just make a new one. Unless there is something I am missing, it’s days like this that I wish I still used an app on my desktop for mail, instead of going mobile/web only.

You were able to change the password, but the new password doesn’t work?

As far as exporting mail:

This might be easier IF you get logged in:

Since G Suite comes with 24/7 support, which has always been great in our case, why don’t you just give tech support a call?

We have been running our business on G Suite for 6+ years. Have had some problems along the way, but tech support has always been great.

I ended up deleting the user and re-adding the user again to my G Suite.

@Nick_Fulgham because I have a G Suite Legacy Edition, I don’t have a Tech Support Call option, just the forums.

I believe there is something going on the Google end (my assumption). I created a new user and tried to setup a recovery phone number. It’s not even sending verification codes to my number for this newly created account.

So I am not sure what happened in the world over this weekend. It doesn’t look like it was G Suite issue anymore.

For whatever the reason, it seems that any text message (or android user) message was held back since Friday, and I was bombarded with green messages this morning along with tons of verification codes from different services.