Google Voice - Got to get you out of my life!

Here are points:

  1. Once upon a time, my employer was relocating, and we employees were required to temporarily get Google Voice numbers to use during an interim period.
  2. Relocation is years past. I removed (or so I thought) GV from my iPhone.
  3. Everything was fine for a while, or so it seemed.
  4. Now, if I do not answer an incoming call on the iPhone, it eventually goes to Google Voice!
  5. But I have no Google Voice number. I have no idea what the number was that I used once upon a time. And I’ve since retired, and really have no way to resurrect enough information to fight it out with Google (whose help pages are especially unhelpful in this respect).
  6. So, now if I can’t answer the phone, confidential information — medical, etc. — risk going who knows where.

Does anyone have any advice for this kind of situation? My cell provider is T-Mobile.

This feature is called “Conditional Call Forwarding”.

Turning this off is different for each carrier, but the information I found says that to turn off conditional call forwarding from your T-Mobile cell phone, act as if you are going to make a phone call to the number, but instead of a regular number, enter:


on the keypad and press call/dial/etc.

Listen for a successful message stating call forwarding has been deactivated.

If that does not work, I would recommend contacting T-Mobile Customer Support and tell them you need to turn off “Conditional Call Forwarding”

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You did it! That seems to have worked. Thank you so much!

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Great! I’m glad to hear it.