Got my new shininess

Received my new shiny MBPro with M1Max yesterday, 1 week earlier than Apple said it would be available which was already 3 weeks earlier than promised at purchase. Thats a GOOD Apple ! But soon after getting it all set up and such it became clear why I need all that extra time… iCloud is still not finished copying my files after more than 1 day. Thats a BAD Apple.

I know how to leave iCloud alone when it “is doing its thing” and so the hot shininess is just for looks at the moment, all CPU & GPU cores and all. And yep, iCloud is pumping at a hot 15% CPU (or so) jazzing that 1Gbps internet connection I have.

All sarcasm aside; I am patient enough to wait but this sort of tech just stinks. I have been in engineering long enough to know I smell a rat, would love to see the engineer(s) who work on this and fire their **sses.

Besides the iCloud-smear, the machine is drop dead gorgeous, a welcome replacement for the 16" from last year.

Consider yourself lucky. My 16” m1Max beauty is days behind and is stuck in Anchorage.

Ahww, dang, yeah thats no good either. But at some point you will get your 16", and then you still will encounter iCloud - unless you don’t use much of that.

But you’re right, I need to put my zen hat on and let it all slide. (hard to do for a company which prides itself on top notch engineering). ok, oooohhhhmmmmm

I keep most of my data in Dropbox, since my team has both Mac and Windows users. It still takes awhile to sync, but it will transfer a lot of the data from another machine at LAN speeds instead of ISP speed.

Ordered on 19 Oct.

Still processing :frowning:

ETA 16th - 23rd of this month.

Reading about your iCloud struggle, that is worrying. I recently switched to iCloud and have filled 15 GB in it.

Are you doing a restore via iCloud, or just waiting for your MBP to download some files from your iCloud (File Storage) Account? plus I assume Photos and Mail.

I once had to restore 1.5tb via backblaze and it took 3 days to download over a good internet connection.

You don’t say how much data you have in iCloud, this will obviously affect how much time it takes to download what you need. e.g. if you’re anywhere north of a few hundred GBs it could take a while, add in the fact that while you may have a 1GB connection, the bandwidth between yourself and Apple’s servers is contended.

Patience is a virtue :wink:

I had a target date of Dec 1-8, so I opted to drive 2 hours to my nearest Apple Store.

No restore, it is just synching files of all app icloud storage as well as my own direct use of it (project folders and such). It is not a lot; 6.2 GByte, though there are many small files. iCloud”s sync speed is running far below what my network connection can handle.

I also ordered on 19 Oct. ETA is Nov. 15-18. I’m cautiously optimistic.