Grabbing OmniFocus task URL on iOS

On my mac I currently have a keyboard maestro workflow that would copy the URL for a specific OmniFocus task and paste it into Ulysses (and vice versa). This allows me to keep on-going notes about tasks and projects outside of OmniFocus.

The OmniFocus URL looks something like this: omnifocus:///task/[jibberish, which I take to be the task ID]

However, I can’t seem to find a way to grab this link from OmniFocus 3. Does anyone know whether this can be done?

This Workflow will do it. You could modify it to work from the share sheet instead of the clipboard if you wanted


pressing on a task a bit longer will bring up the option to copy the link, so even without a workflow it is possible to grab the link.

When I click the Share icon of the task (bottom right in task) and click ‘copy’ - all I get is the url when I paste that.

Looking at the first post that’s the link we’re looking for? Or am I wrong?
In workflow you can use the add to ulysses sheet function, but that is fairly static as you would have to put in a sheet identifyer, so the link would always be appended there. But is that’s not what’s needed… I don’t really know.

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Rosemary’s workflow works perfectly for what I need.
I didn’t realise that the URL I was looking for was at the end of the taskpaper stuff after I copy a task.

Now I know something about using Index in Workflow

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