Grammarly Now Supports Native Mac Apps

Aaand nabbed. Just a three month “trial” at first. Never thought I’d spend more time writing English than code, but I’m up to my neck in strategy documents and the like.

I’m running Grammarly Desktop on an M1 MacBook Pro and a late 2015 iMac (both are running macOS 12.0.1 Monterey) and haven’t noticed any performance issues.

Have you checked Activity Monitor to see if Grammarly Desktop is what’s causing the fans to spin up? It wouldn’t hurt to restart your Mac as well to see if that helps.

Here’s the RAM consumption by Grammarly Desktop on my computer:

Yeah, but that’s because you HAVE available RAM. It won’t kick out anything as long as it doesn’t have to - that’s how RAM usage works.
It’s like an attic. When it gets full, you throw out some stuff, and then you wait until it gets full again before you feel the pressure to do anything about it. At least, that’s how it works for me.


should have added in my earlier message that I am quite okay with the RAM consumption for the added functionality.

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You took the words right out of my mouth. I cannot see paying that kind of money for Grammarly. I wrote a short story. I had Ulysses check my grammar and spelling. It came back with no errors whatsoever.

$30 per month for iOS! C’mon. Ok, so it’s $140 per year.

You can get Ulysses in set app subscription for $10 per month which includes loads of other apps. And, no, I don’t work for them! LOL!

Actually, the grammar and spelling are free. It’s the style, semantics and content editing suggestions that cost extra :slight_smile:


Really? How can an app do styles? Wow! Where can you get it?

Well, here: Grammarly Prices and Plans | Grammarly

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Well, here I am, thanking you!

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Be aware if you install the desktop version and then uninstall it, it appears to to break macOS’s spell checker. I uninstalled it on my both my machines, and now apps that use the system’s spellchecker no long have spell check. I have not found a way to turn it back on.

(Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in this post, but my Mac doesn’t have a spell checker anymore. :wink: )

Also if you uninstall it, then go to Grammarly website for your account, it will say Grammarly for Mac is active, even though it’s been uninstalled. This app appears to be messing with system files and it doesn’t change them back when you uninstall it.

Sorry to bump this thread one more time, but this is important and people might find this thread looking for an answer. @anon41602260 figured it out already, but Grammarly support just emailed me to the do the exact same thing. So…

If you uninstall Grammarly for Mac and the system spell check is not working in apps such as Mail or Notes, do the following:

Open Terminal and copy and paste the following:
defaults write -g NSAllowContinuousSpellChecking -bool true
Restart the affected apps (or your whole computer).


This is dodgy behavior, IMO. A good citizen app would ask before coopting a global macOS setting, and then provide an uninstaller that would reverse the setting as it left the house.


If grammarly is running, does it check grammar in all apps then? If its not, does it not read keyboard input?

I don’t want to share everything I type with grammarly, so this conditional checking would be awesome if anyone can help me with the above

I don’t think you can maintain a whitelist of sites and apps, but you can block Grammarly from working with their blocklist/blacklist. Grammarly doesn’t do anything (i.e. doesn’t see/process text) if it’s blocked from a site or app.

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The catch though, unless they fixed it, if you install Grammarly it turns off the system spell check. So you won’t have any spell checker in those apps once it’s installed. For instance I found the floating G annoying in Drafts, so I turned it off. But then I didn’t even have the system spell check. It was Grammarly or nothing.

This was true even after you uninstalled the app until you did a command line fix. They got some grief over it a few months back, so hopefully this is no longer an issue.


I have a grammarly sub (via their Black Friday deal) which I bought entirely for the desktop app.

However I find the desktop app really buggy.

  1. Seem to work in inconsistently in some apps, especially Nisus Writer Pro. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn’t.

  2. Text replacement. I.e. when I click to agree on a proposed typo correction, it will often paste the letters into the wrong part of the word and/or not remove typo-affected letters

I’ve noticed Pro Writing Aid now has a desktop app too. Does anyone know if it’s more reliable than Grammarly’s?

Is it still working for you in Nisus Writer Pro? It seems to have stopped underlining words, and is generally pretty unreliable in NWP.

It looks like it only underlines things now if I click on the floating Grammarly icon, which isn’t ideal. It never worked great in NWP unless I went into Draft View.