Great subscription apps: what ones do you love?

The app (either free or $0.99, I forget) randomly sends out 5 quotes every day somehow relating to mortality to consider. (There are several hundred in the database, I believe.) The $2/month IAP offers additional weekly “leaps”.

Here’s the latest quote, and this week’s Leap:

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I have reduced mine a lot.

I pay for, and love…

Weather Channel
Logos Premium


Amazon Prime
Apple Music
Apple Arcade
Apple TV
YouTube Premium
5 magazines (Mac Format, Mac Life, Xbox Magazine, Edge, Retro Gamer)

My work pays for…

Creative Cloud
Office 365

Over the last year I’ve cancelled…

Day One
PDF Expert


I love my Agenda subscription; it has really done a wonders for my organization at work and partial wonders at home. When my first year expired I wasn’t sure if I was going to get another year of premium, but I ended up doing it for some increased functionality around images. If they went to just $25/year I would probably pay it, but I do like that they stand behind their productivity with that business model.


I think no other subscription can beat Agenda. The best offer so far. You retain the features till when you are a subscriber and have contributed to the app. Can’t be more generous than it. Hope others follow suit to it. #fantasical


I’m perfectly happy with my subscriptions, and given the subject of the thread it seems clear most others are too. If you don’t want to subscribe to apps or services you don’t need to choose one of these subs that people here apparently find valuable.

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Can I include services that offer an App (but where I prefer the web interface)?

(examples: Remember the Milk & Fastmail)


I have a lot of the same, but I want to specifically mention SetApp. I love the service.

One more that I haven’t seen yet (unless I skipped right over it somewhere) is Evernote.

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My first one had no interface at all! There are no rules.

Nobody’s mentioned Quicken, but I will! Back when it was a “one-time purchase” it had to be repurchased to keep its services active. Now with the subscription there is at least one update a month and the program is getting noticeably better all the time.

I will “me too” 1Password. The only other subscription App I’ve got is Adobe’s photography package. I am using it’s cloud service, so I guess it is reasonable to pay for it as a subscription.


There’s no reason to wonder, they’re quite explicit about it – if you are using, then the data is on those servers. It’s also encrypted before it leaves your computer, so there’s no real reason to worry where it is. A person would need not only your master password, but also your account key, which is a random 35+ character code.

If that’s not enough, you can also add 2FA to your account.

But, to each their own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Actually I’m not referring explicitly to 1Password, since I paid for the standalone license. The one I have in mind is LastPass, and the recent “outage" of their servers which caused users to lose access to their passwords. Doesn’t that one make you wonder?

doesn’t really seem that way. :thinking:

Agenda is not a subscription. I love it too. Terrific support.


I have the usual suspects for app subscriptions. Since people are mentioning services as well as apps, I’d like to mention the Holstee subscription. To me, it is a delight to receive a piece of letterpress artwork and some brief quotes in the mail each month.


Subscriptions for Apps
Adobe Photography plan for Lightroom and Photoshop.
Banktivity - Direct access for bank downloading but it’s failing a lot for me so I may trash it soon.

Service Subscriptions
Amazon Prime - almost a necessity here in rural areas for the 2 day shipping alone
Netflix - both a DVD and streaming plan
Google Drive - Additional storage for some family photos as we try to figure out who is in them. Will remove once the project is done

Subscription for 1 year while I extract some data. Purchased under extreme duress!
Office 365

Not sure if you count it but I pay yearly for domain name registration and hosting services for a number of domains.

Sheep Association pays a yearly fee for the Registry Software


Subsciptions that I Love, Like or Tolerate

Ulysses - love the app, but often fantasize about moving to ia writer so I can save the money on the subscription, but then I hesitate because I have the discount price from the transition.

1Password - I hesitated to subscribe because it was still working fine with iCloud syncing, but here we are. No regerts.

Drafts - updated constantly, though most of its features are beyond my abilities. There’s an aspirational aspect to this for me, like someday i’m going to really learn how to use it and then LOOKOUT! I do use it all the time for things like writing this post, and quick capture.

Feedbin - I’ve been working hard to get away from algorithms and feedbin has been essential to that. Also, reading newsletters there helps to keep my email inbox clean.

Instapaper - Good for research and such, but I really need to make sure I’m using it more.

Stratechery - Ben Thompson’s newsletter is great great great for my job but also for what I’m interested in.

Freedom - Works well and helps to keep me away from the internet when I need to be doing other things, or when I’m at the gym and susceptible to being sucked into the internet, or when I get fired up about something on social media and need to keep myself away. If they added support for shortcuts, it would be amazing. “Start a workout, block social media and selected websites”.

Carrot Weather - Great app. What else is there to say here?

Overcast - I just use it. It just works. Everything is fine. I like it.

Apple Music - It’s pretty good…I get it free now from Verizon. Spotify is probably better for discovery and for friend stuff.

SiriusXM - Its nice to be able to hit a button and have music play without having to think about it or browse choices. Great for kids in the car that don’t want to hear podcasts, and great at home for my wife and kids to put music on using Alexa (I really hope it comes to homepod).

Hulu with Live TV - We cut cable and haven’t looked back because this service is so good.

Amazon Prime - Isn’t it a legal requirement to have Amazon Prime? Some good shows have been on the video service.

Netflix - Has had some great shows but I’m noticing that we’re not watching as much of it as we used to.

Disney+ - my kids are star wars nuts and we got a year of it for free from Verizon.

HBO - Prestige TV, baby! We turn HBO on and off throughout the year based on shows we want to watch.

Audible - Syncing audio books with kindle books feels like the future and makes it easier to “read” when life is busy.

On the Fence

Bear - I really like some things about it but it can also feel like a toy. Really I should just be using plain text or Devonthink. Though the price is reasonable and I keep telling myself that I’m going to get my text/notes/zettelkasten sorted out soon, and that I’ll be able to make a better decision about Bear when I do.

Text Expander - I’m paying a lot of money for what is essentially four or five keyboard shortcuts for date and time stamps that work across Mac, iphone and ipad.

1BlockerX - ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Backblaze - ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Agenda - I bought a subscription last year but never use it. Cool that I can still use what I paid for though…probably not going to resubscribe unless I really find a use for the app.

Wall Street Journal - Great business coverage but their opinion section has gone full wackadoo.

NYtimes - Some great stuff in here, but I also don’t find myself wanting to read most of what they are writing.

Washington Post - I think I got this through Amazon. I constantly forget that I have it, but feel like I should be reading it more.

Quartz - I thought I would get a lot more out of it than I am. They write some great stuff, but I often can’t bring myself to actually read any of it.

Wired Magazine - I love Wired. I loved reading Wired in the past. I’m not currently reading Wired.

On the Chopping Block

Day One - Great app but I don’t use it enough … which has been the case for almost a decade. It’s time to be honest with myself about it.

PDF Expert - Great app, but I got in on a deal for 10 dollars for the first year. They’re dillusional if they think I’m going to pay 50 dollars a year going forward. - Tiago Forte can be smart at times but can be a productivity charlatan at other times. He likes himself. A lot.

Recently Unsubscribed:

Fiery Feeds
Sleep Cycle
Couch to 5K
New York Times Crossword
Waking Up
Timery for Toggl
My Macros+

Waiting to See What Happens, but Don’t Hold Your Breath



hehe did the same… now the subs ends in august, so I have time to change my mind and pay for another year :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am in a holding pattern on note taking - because of nvUltra and/or Roam, or DTTG 3. I am just staying with markdown/text so when that transition happens it will be smooth.

Subs based on OPs criteria:

Setapp is the biggest value

You moved to IA? How is it going for you?

I’ve been thinking the same thing. I really like Ulysses and use it every day but I’d like to avoid any subscription I can whenever I can. I’ve contemplated using iA Writer but I’m not sure it will work well for long form writing. This is important because I’m in the beginning stages of writing a book. Do you have any experience with large writing projects in iA Writer? I may make this a new topic in the forum.