Great Tech. Day: New Workflow and Dr. on Demand

From about four weeks ago and through the end of October, I have a significant number of keynotes, workshops, and other presentations to give, including three in South Korea. With so many speaking engagements in the queue, I have been striving for a presentation preparation workflow that gets the creative juices flowing and is efficient. I think I found it.

While I can effectively brainstorm speeches and other presentations in MindMode, I find that there is something about pen on paper that has a positive cognitive effect on the creative process. BUT, there are also significant drawbacks to the analog approach. I have “rediscovered” the power of using the latest release of Notability (which now includes handwriting recognition) with my Apple Pencil and iPad. It nearly replicates the positive cognitive stimulus of pen and paper with the added advantages of digital. I especially like the ability to “lasso” text/images/graphics and move them around as I reorder my presentation and the ability to write “in the margins” of my outline, things you cannot do in mind mapping applications like MindNode. Once I have the overall draft written in Notability, I type it into OmniOutliner to finish the outline. In OmniOutliner, I’ll use the second column to add references to the type of slide or graphic I may wish to include in a Keynote file. I use the text fields in OmniOutliner to draft my comments. Once this process is finished I send my notes to Pages to complete. I also deliver my presentations using Pages on my iPad. My Pages document includes small images of the slides I will use as I go through the presentation. I do not look at my slides on a monitor, screen, or my laptop. I focus my attention on my audience. The slide images are my reminder to use my small remote to switch slides.

The only drawback to this workflow is the need to type my handwritten notes in OmniOutliner. If I used MindNode or similar application I would not have to type the notes but I would lose the creative power of digital pen on “paper.” I gain more than I lose with this workflow. Below are sample screenshots created for this post. Note, the pictures don’t match because I just threw some in to illustrate the idea.

The Dr. on Demand is an example of how technology is changing our lives. Because I am going on an extended overseas trip I thought it prudent to see the doctor for a minor sinus issue that I want to resolve before spending 17 hours on a plane. My wife suggested we try using one of our health benefits called Dr. on Demand. I hate going to the doctor so I thought I’d give it a try. Basically, Dr. on Demand is a digital video house call. I fill out a short questionnaire and then connect with a doctor through video. Within 15 minutes I had my needed prescription. How cool is that! :slight_smile:




Sometimes you have a bad tech day. Other times, a good one. Today was a good one. :slight_smile:


How accurate is Notability’s handwriting recognition? Does it get affected by the nib size?

It has been very accurate for me and my handwriting is terrible. I use an Apple Pencil and have never tried a different nib size.