Group ordering on iOS

OK, so I’ve just used the group order feature on the Chipotle app to send links via iOS Message to my other family members which allowed them to select and customize their own order on their iOS device and ‘add’ it to my order. Worked great, except that my wife couldn’t use the link twice to add a selection for my 8 year old :smirk:.

I recall this functionality being part of an iOS/WWDC Keynote eons ago, but this is the first time I’ve come across it ‘in the wild’. Am I just hopelessly behind the times? What other apps have people found with this functionality?


This is the first time I heard of it being used outside of the keynote! That’s awesome! Now, I want to try this with friends

Yeah, when I heard it in the keynote I thought it was an awesome feature but it never seemed to appear. I’ve looked at the Chipotle app version history and Group Ordering is fairly recent - so I don’t feel quite so behind the times now. Now we just have to spread the word and get other apps to implement - though whether this is based on an iOS Messages API or something else I’m not sure.