Groups/apps/websites for busniess collaboration

Hey guys!

I run a small firm with two other people, we have previously used Slack for communication and collaboration. One of the members is not that techy and he has been having some problems, not receiving notifications etc (I think it’s caused by him). But non the less it has given him a bad tase for slack. So instead of trying to convince him to keep using slack, I thought I’d investigate if there is any other good options! Since we don’t have that much invested in slack yet.

Do you guys have any recommendations or tips of solutions?

I had a chance to use Cisco’s Webx recently and it is actually not terrible, and google hangouts is an option if you have G-suite, Skype for business might also do.

It depends on what you are collaborating over too, tracked changes or even email might suit better, it also depends on growth.

Lastly I would pose a question about what sort of business do you want to build. I have been thinking about DevOpts as a concept lately, and the why were are building our business is to have technical people do everything even the non technical rolls because they bring that power user mindset to bare on problems. I find that it is often easier to get a technical person to learn the non technical skill then the other way around.

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I’ll check out Cisco-s Webx, did not know about it!

The main point is for it to be a one stop shop for all in-house communications. Email is for clients and external purposes.

We are trying to build a fully digital company, for example we don’t have any papers accept those we receive, and they are scanned and thrown away. (With the exception of papers we need to keep by law) The scanned are OCR:d and Hazel puts them where they should go!

I’m not looking for a simpler system than slack. What ever system we decides to use, he will learn. He is not incompetent :slight_smile:
But I agree that a power user mindset is something to aim for in all new hires!

Try Microsoft Teams, they now offer a free tier and is quite good. We are moving from slack and Cisco webex to teams at my work right now to tie everything together in office 365.

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I’ve done collaborative work with a small company using g-suite and found we all really liked it. Sold the company so didn’t get very far into using it but if I had to start another company with multiple people in it, especially one where they lived all over that’s what I’d work on implementing.

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Building on this, we’ve just started using Google Chat - it’s a stand-alone app, but basically a more powerful gchat. You can even insert files into chat! And there are integrations with other apps, including SmartSheet. We use Slack at work, but some are still using gchat because we’re on gsuite. I don’t like using gmail in the browser (using so having the google chat app ensures I’m logged in and attentive to those hitting me up there.

Communication in the sense of task, projects related stuff? You might want to consider Trello (it is even better in conjunction with Slack :wink: ).