GTD setups changing with the yellow submarine working world we're in now?

About to dive into a major weekly review. Looking at my tags in OF3, most of them are suddenly obsolete.

Anyone done any retooling of their task management?

They’re not obsolete if you change the tag status to On Hold. :wink:

The tasks are still valid. But “home” isn’t so helpful anymore…


I have a personal system in OmniFocus that I use in my away-from-work life, and I have a separate work OmniFocus setup that runs on the iMac in my office. I can’t use the sync service on my work computer, so two separate systems is the only way I can do it if I want OF on my work machine.

Before we got sent home this week, I started messing with the possibilities of keeping both systems in my personal OF, because I’m working on my personal Mac when I’m working from home.

I just made sure to tag everything from work in a distinctly separate hierarchy from the tags I use in my personal system, and then I exported all of my active work projects to plain text. I opened that plain text document in TaskPaper at home, pasted it over to OF, and then created custom perspectives to keep everything separate. I was surprised how easily I got it to work (apparently) flawlessly so that, with just a keyboard shortcut, I can instantly switch from my normal personal view to my much different work view.

I’ve used custom perspectives since they were introduced, but the ease with which I was able to segregate work and personal was kind of an eye opener. I think I’ve been underusing custom perspectives all this time.

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I don’t think home has ever been a very good context, though, unless you don’t have much to do there. It’s better to group by specific areas of the house, times of the day, weather, etc.

I’ve been down that road. Only madness awaits. Too fiddly.

I guess I don’t understand the problem then. Why are you not able to use the home tag at home? Is it just too tedious to add the tag right now since you’re always there?

I’ve been using the tags work and personal. They still apply even when working from home!

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