Handoff and Continuity unreliable: slow or not even working

Hi, I upgraded from iPhone SE 2016 to iPhone 12 Mini a month ago (did a fresh start, not restore from old device). I also upgraded to Big Sur 2 days before I bought the new phone.

Ever since that, I found universal / continuity clipboard to be slow. It used to be instantaneous, 2 second max, between my macbook to iphone vice versa.

I also found that Handoff for applications like Safari, Messages, Reminders, Things, FSnotes, anything to be unreliable. Safari only open new tab and loading a new website but I never now what new web is it, other app only cold-start the app.

I tried looking online solution, for example this article by WebNots - Fix Handoff Continuity Connection Between MacBook and iPhone, with no success.

Anyone experienced the same issue? I’m not sure whether it’s the fault of my new phone or Big Sur, or this is a general issue for everyone.

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Do both of your devices have a strong internet connection to iCloud?

yes, both connected to the same 2GHz router access point with 75Mbps speed.

I can note that Airdrop seems to works fine. Tried transferring 100MB file with <10 seconds of duration.

What seems noticeable for me is how this popup will take more than 5seconds, blocking my screen for anything else, before the universal clipboard works. How long will it take on your side?