Happy birthday Katie!

Today would be a great day to wish Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, @katiefloyd.


+1!!! Happy Birthday @katiefloyd

:tada: Happy birthday @katiefloyd!

Awesome! Happy birthday @katiefloyd!

May the batlith always be in your hand! Have a wonderful day.

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Happy Birthday @katiefloyd! I trust that it will be a blessed one.

qoSlIj DatIvjaj Katie :birthday:

jaj Dun Daghaj vItul :smile:

Happy Birthday @katiefloyd! Have a great day :gift::birthday:

The perfect time to put a smile on @katiefloyd’s face with something like this then…


Happy birthday @katiefloyd!

Happy birthday @katiefloyd!!

When I saw Happy Birthday, Katie, I thought, “How thoughtful! But it’s not my birthday!” Hope your birthday is terrific, Katie Floyd!


Happy birthday @katiefloyd !
:birthday: Have a great day :grinning:

Had to look up batlith, lol.

I know that Karie does not like Memoji but I think she should create one dressed as a Klingon, Batlilth and all! :slight_smile: 46720ac84df59f1112e9d08484379a90%202

Happy Birthday! :tada::birthday::balloon: @katiefloyd

Happy Birthday, @katiefloyd! Warm wishes from Vancouver…

Happy birthday @katiefloyd!

Happy birthday @katiefloyd

Happiness and wellness wishes being sent your way Katie! Happy Birthday!