Happy Story of iPad Return

Happy Story of iPad Return

Not sure how many of you have logged in to iCloud to find your iPad and seen the map zoom waaaaaaaay out to show a good portion of the country and have one dot close to you, showing your iPhone and another dot, showing your iPad about 650 miles away!!

I often drive from Houston to Ohio and back and make my mid-point somewhere in Tennessee, for a rest. I’m researching pet-friendly hotels and other things and was in a Red Roof Inn in Jackson, TN. I had gotten a late start from Ohio and did not get as far as usual (Memphis).

I was exhausted both at the hotel and when I finally arrived in Houston late the next evening. So… I didn’t look for my iPad until the morning after that, when it was not in my briefcase.

One should insert sounds of the screen zooming out (SFX) here and then another sound effect for what my heart sinking must have sounded like!

Called them and they asked for the room number I was staying in and they said, “Yes. We have it.”

I worked out emailing them a pre-paid shipping label.

When I finished the call and thought about the “What room number were you in?” question, I wondered, "How many iPads do you have in Lost-and-Found!!! … I suppose it was them being security conscious, and I appreciate that!

I also appreciate the honesty of the staff for having turned it in.

When I found it was “lost,” I immediately activated “lost” mode and had it display the message to call my phone number. But, it could have been long gone by then.

The cute part was that they didn’t turn off the iPad and so I got frequent map updates, “Lost iPad found at…” or something like that.

It was as if my iPad was saying, “I’m on my way home! … Here I am!! … Don’t worry! … Almost there!”

This was at the end of Sept. and thought the group might like a cute/nice story … just took a little while to write it up.

Hope you enjoyed it!