Hard shell for 2019 MacBook Pro recommendations?

Looking for a hard shell for my new Mac to protect it. Suggestions?

I went with this and love it: https://9to5mac.com/2019/06/21/incase-textured-hardshell-macbook-pro/

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That looks great! I’ll check it out

Yes Jonathan, do what I do, leave it as it is.

I suspect on macbooks as well as on iPhones ‘protection’ does more harm than good via overheating etc… Apple know what they are doing. I think over heating is a real reason to reconsider a ‘shell’. the machine already has one I would say?.

I have never done that on my macbooks and they have lasted, even with heavy use, longer than most people’s do. I did drop my airpods in the “whatever” but I dried them quick with a hairdryer: they were fine there was no avoiding that other than being careful where I wore them, they dropped out of my ear, hardly ever do that and I was careless putting them in really: these things though Apple beautiful and they are, are meant to be used as is pretty much. That is part of their design beauty. I know butterfly keys… ah well… bye bye Johnny Ives.

If I were to carry it about I would, of course, use a proper carrying case. I think I did have one one time. Apple spend Billions on design and so on and we come along and ruin it!? Well I don’t: mind you I don’t put a cover on my iPhone either for aesthetic and other reasons. My last one lasted longer than my wife’s ultra bumpered iPhone bought at the same time exactly. Not definitive we use them very differently. I am of the opinon the ‘protection’ allowed the thing to over heat.

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That’s a really interesting point about the shells. I have a sleeve that I think will be more than protective. Plus I’m really really careful with it.

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