Hardware that you love that also disappoints

Have you ever had a piece of hardware that you love, but which also disappoints you? That’s how I feel about the Logitech Create keyboard case for my iPad Pro 9.7". I love my iPad and I love the Smart Keyboard and the Logitech case is so much better than the Apple keyboard cover for me. (I prefer the smart keyboard over a Bluetooth because of the BY lag that occurs when you first start typing as it needs to reconnect.)

The problem is that nearly every day I need to take my iPad out of the Create case for a little while to put in an articulated holder mounted on the wall and over time the case breaks. I’m now on my second case in three years and on both of them, on the right side of the case, just above the Lightning port, the plastic breaks. I know it must be because the cut-out for the speaker creates a weak point, but it’s disappointing. The iPad stays in … mostly. But sometimes it just flops out of the case. I haven’t had it hit the floor yet, but it’s been close.

I wonder if the newer Create case for the 10.5 iPad Pro is any better for getting your iPad in and out regularly.

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Yes, my Traktor soundcard. I love being able to mix without a mixer and decks but I also miss a mixer and decks!

No matter, I can still entertain a party of dancing people with it and I can’t justify a lot of money for a pro setup, because it’s just a hobby.

I’ll go with iPads in general. Love them to bits but iOS constantly disappoints. If they had a desktop class browser and support for mouse/trackpad input I would be much less disappointed. Crazy we have these super fast tablets that have stunted browsers when I can buy a trashy underpowered Chromebook with a rubbish screen to access a quality browser.


I also had a Create case break in the same spot and was able to get Logitech to replace it for me under warranty. Obviously it’s a design flaw. I also started having connection problems between my 9.7 Pro and the keyboard; I would have to reboot the iPad to get it to connect. This would happen whenever I would connect to the wifi at the office. I ultimately had to give up on using the keyboard, as much as I loved it when it worked.

Does your Wi-fi usually pop up a page to agree to the terms and conditions? That’s actually an iOS bug where the keyboard would be captured by that rather than what is actually on the screen. I believe that this was fixed in 11.3 or maybe .4.

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MacBook Pro 15" 2015 (16GB):

As soon as you connect a second display that machine becomes useless. The IGP is still underpowered to render the internal desktop at 1920x1200 (high-res, so 3840x2400). If you add another display in my case a Dell 2560x1440 I randomly get 100% CPU spikes and the window server process is requiring a lot of processing power.

Also I hate that programs like Photoshop and Illustrator can force-require the dedicated GPU, even if you are not doing anything graphic intense. Sometimes I need to have those programs running for reference, even if I work on the train. This will cut my battery life down to 1-2h.

I’ll go with Airpods. Love the concept, but they don’t stay in my ears reliably. I had them fall out in my car, in a parking lot, and just sitting at the dining table. And it’s amazing how far they can get once they fall out – or, one time one fell into my vest pocket, took 5 minutes to figure out where it had gotten to.

I found a product called EarBuddyz that fixes the problem, now they are rock solid in my ears. So that’s good, but the EarBuddyz have to be removed to put the Airpods in the charging case. This obviously takes away a huge amount of the convenience. Putting the Earbuddyz on is kind of fiddly and takes about a minute, and now I have to carry around a second container with the Earbuddyz. It’s still worth it if I know I’m going to be listening for a while, but definitely puts the Airpods in the love/hate category. Since there are over 2k reviews for the Earbuddyz there must be a lot of people with the same problem I have.


Thank you for the heads up. I will contact Logitech about a replacement.

I, too, am among those whose ears are not shaped according to Apple Standard. I tend to reflexively push them in constantly, but I have had them fall out, although not as often as you do. I’ve tried something similar to EarBuddyz but I found the “putting them on, taking them off, carrying them around” to be more hassle than it was worth for me.

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Thanks Rosemary, that’s good to know.

That was exactly my experience.

It definitely makes me think twice about putting them on, but what’s the alternative? If I’m going to grocery store and want to listen to music or a podcast, it’s worth the extra hassle for me. But it sure would be nice if Apple could figure out a way to make versions for different size ears. Hard problem, I know. Or at least give me some way to charge the Airpods w/o having to take the EarBuddyz off.

This is same reason why you won’t see me walking around with my Apple earbuds that come with iPhones… I don’t understand the logic of the item being one-size-fits-some / hard plastic and nothing else when almost every other set of earbuds I’ve ever seen comes with different sized rubber tips.

Apple’s magic mouse. Great concept and looks but horrible ergonomics. Causes cramps all the time and the sides of the mouse are so sharp that I had to sand them down to stop them from cutting into my fingers.

Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve been using it for 5 years and I still can’t reliably close a book, jump to a highlight, etc., without a lot of random tapping.

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